E-Commerce International Marketplace Operation Specialist


  • Management of e-commerce operations such as listing products, stock follow-up, delivery, e-commerce related customer service enquiries, order fulfillment process for e-commerce and marketplace, returns, issue management with 3rd parties (i.e. warehouse, courier, payment service provider, etc.)
  • Follow-up of collection and refund processes and their corresponding collaboration
  • Regular analysis of product availability and replenishing products for digital sales channels (e-commerce and marketplace)
  • Keeping digital sales channels inventory up-to-date by listing new products or delisting out-of-stock products and ex-products concerning demand planning process,
  • Manage the coordination of information to the customer and to the internal teams on all aspects of the order processing role.
  • Coordinates 3rd party warehouse for product preparation, shipping company and receiving pharmacist for smooth delivery,
  • Managing all customs process with vendor ,
  • Full ownership, responsibility and management for an assigned number of markets which includes activity such as order receipt, order entry, shipping document creation, tracking and delivery confirmation,
  • Forecasting the effects of new campaigns and actions over the digital sales channels and preparing the stock levels of corresponding products accordingly.
  • Process and get involved on the projects of development customer satisfaction all over international Marketplace accounts.
  • Support B2C Marketplace accounts back office operations such as managing inventory, sales and respond to operational inquiries to ensure successful fulfillment of orders.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and instant reports to customer Experience managerial decisions.
  • Provide accurate documentation and data management concerning marketplace activities.
  • Track Key Performance Indicators of the Customer satisfaction on key accounts and report periodically.
  • Replying customer questions and comments on a daily basis via Marketplace platforms.


  • A minimum of 3 years experience in e-commerce operations (i.e. warehouse management, order management, e-commerce and marketplace operations management),
  • Having experience on marketplace (Amazon, Shopify is a plus ) operations
  • Strong interpersonal skills, analytical and result-oriented
  • At least a Bachelor's degree from related departments, preferably at engineering,
  • Having strong communication skills and ability for teamwork and handling negotiations,
  • Having good planning, excellent analytical thinking, flexible reporting and coordinating skills,
  • Reliable, responsible and self-motivated team player in collaborative and friendly group,
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Basic level coding is a plus
  • Good command of English
  • German Language is a plus


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