Ever since our foundation in 2018, our focus has always been making manufacturers’ lives easy, allowing them to concentrate and optimize their production processes without having to worry about anything else.

In a nutshell, this is our approach to just about anything in the working life.

We believe that our employees can perform at their best when they have no worries outside their work. We strive to make their lives easy, by building an innovative, creative and pleasant work environment, where dialogue and exchange are encouraged and ideas can flow freely. Likewise, as a D2C sales channels operating across borders, we believe in the opportunity given by digitalization to work from anywhere. After all, good ideas can come from everywhere. 

So if you are enthusiastic about all things digital and e-commerce, and you want to work in a rapidly growing environment, we should tell you we are looking to expand our team in all departments. 

You can do more, a lot more. 

Jobs at Mawlin