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Borderless Direct-to-Consumer

D2C movement accounts for 40% of the sales growth in retail.

Revenue Growth

Reduced Capital Expenditures

Improved Margins

Improved Customer Relationships

Expanded Market Reach

Comprehensive Product Assortment

Borderless D2C


One platform. Manage e-commerce globally.

Product Listing

Import your products to our platform, get your product catalog on online marketplaces

Inventory Management

Track your inventory in real-time. Get notifications for low-inventory and out-of-stock.


Approve marketing budgets, track results of ad campaigns and how they affect your sales.

Analytics & Insights

View your revenue and costs in detailed reports, compare your multi-channel sales

Brand Presence

Preserve your brand identity through-out your presence on marketplaces.


View customer ratings from all online marketplaces in one report. Get notified about complaints.

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Managed Services

While you focus on production, we list, market and deliver your products all around the world with local experience.

Strategy and Business PlanImport and exportListing and optimizationStorage & LogisticsSales SupportAdvertising management
Strategy and Business Plan

Strategy and Business Plan

In order to correctly position the products on the targeted market, we prepare a competitor analysis in order to create a business plan with the manufacturer. With our strategy team, we present the analysis of competitors in the local market for our sales strategy.

Import and export

Import and export

With the Mawlin offices that has been established in 15 countries, we provide extensive import and export opportunities.

Listing and optimization

Listing and optimization

We list your products in the right marketplaces and optimize them for the right sales strategy.

Storage & Logistics

Storage & Logistics

We store your products in warehouses that we work with in 15 different countries. Our services not limited with only delivering the product to the consumer but we also offer our services such as returns, fast shipping and promotions.

Sales Support

Sales Support

We support the pre-sales, after-sales and after-sales consumers communication with local language in local time, like a local brand. Mawlin Support team takes care of all types of problems with effective solutions for you.

Advertising management

Advertising management

To support your sales, we offer efficient and suitable advertising solutions on marketplaces with our digital marketing team.

How It Works

Ship to Mawlin

Manufacturer exports the products to Mawlin Warehouse in markets identified as the most suitable for the product catalog.

Get Listed & Go Live

Mawlin lists products in the planned marketplaces and optimizes their placement, display and price.

Advertising & Optimization

Mawlin Performance Marketing Team manage online campaigns to improve sales and exposure.

Analytics & Insights

Mawlin provides detailed report on your sales per product, marketplace, market, and provides actionable data for the next cycle.

Support & Returns

Mawlin supports the end-customer on behalf of the manufacturer as a local seller and handles delivery returns as well.

Orders Shipped

Mawlin partners with 80+ warehouses around the world to store and to deliver your products to the consumer safely and timely.



As a driver of widespread consumer demand — 89% of consumers are more likely to buy products from Amazon than other e-commerce sites


eBay receives huge traffic which includes 11 millions searches per hour, 190.000 searches per minute and 3.000 searches per second.


Walmart entails e-commerce sales worldwide amount to 3.53 trillion USD and e-retail revenues are project to grow 6.54 trillion USD in 2022.


Shopify powers digital marketing for many of the savviest direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands.


Facebook is still the No. 1 platform for new brands to reach a large audience and Facebook Shops provide a unified presence on Facebook and Instagram.


Instagram Shopping is really great at driving people from our Instagram feed to your products.

Google Shopping

Today, 82% of retail queries that don’t include a brand go through Google Shopping which allows brands to have a massive opportunity to get in front of new shoppers.


In 2019, Wayfair took 33.4 percent of the online furniture market.


In the United Kingdom, Tesco is the leading grocery retailer with a consistent share of over 25 percent of the market


We understand that you may have many questions before signing up.

Please take a look at frequently asked questions and feel free to contact us for any question you may have.

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  • How can Mawlin benefit my company?

    Mawlin is a sales channel that allows manufacturers to sell their products directly to the end consumer in North America and Europe ( Asia is coming soon ) with local experiences. As your brand focuses on creating and producing, Mawlin lists your product on the major e-commerce marketplaces. In this process, Mawlin will support you on; preparing your products for listing & optimizing on desired marketplaces, optimizing for digital marketing, following up with storage, inventory tracking, logistics, customer service and return processes for your brand. Mawlin will also guide you in areas such as developing regular strategies for sales and marketing tools.

  • Which Marketplaces can we sell in?

    Although Mawlin has the capability to sell in all marketplaces in 80 countries, Amazon eBay, Tesco, Walmart, Wayfair, Google Shopping, IG & FB Shop are the ones we are most experienced in. These marketplaces cover the vast majority of eCommerce sales in the countries we focused

  • Which party is responsible for the tax payments of the country of sale?

    In the country of sale, the customs tax is paid by the manufacturer. All other taxes accrue to Mawlin under Mawlin service and are paid by Mawlin.

  • Which party is responsible for logistic services in the country of sale?

    Mawlin is responsible for the logistics, storage, shipping and return operation of the products.

  • Does Mawlin provide digital marketing services?

    Yes, Mawlin’s digital marketing team offers you the most suitable digital marketing opportunities for your products. Mawlin also takes action on your preference while tracking and reporting the process.

  • Who handles the customer service?

    75% of eCommerce customers are looking for their own language and culture in their shopping experience. Mawlin provides customer service for your product, through local teams, in all countries where it serves with an understanding that values local experience.

  • What’s your pricing model?

    Monthly Subscription and sales commission.


Our team is ready to answer your questions, provide more information about our platform and make a demo, if requested.

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